We have a Corporate Blog – Now What?

The Outsmart blog is no longer a pipe dream. Its up and running. I have something insightful and valuable to say. Its time to spread the word! But how?

Id like to use this forum to share with you my own experiences garnered from the trial and error and research I have done in order to determine the most appropriate next steps to promoting the Outsmart blog. I hope these help you in turn to spread the word.

Evidently, there are many ways to publicise your blog: some are common sense and some more involved.

I consider connections to be vital to establishing your blog: connections both on-line and the physical world. The more connections you have the more people will see your blog, the more you will build awareness of your organisation and what you do.

Start with the easy stuff – make it easy for people to connect with you and make them aware that youre blogging – add the url of your blog to your e-mail signature: some software such as Plaxo will let you customise unique e-mail signatures (check out the Plaxo Blog), business cards and promotional materials

Connect with your network – tell people you meet about your web log (include friends, family, business associates, partners and clients and anyone else who will listen) – ask them to check it out and tell them their feedback is invaluable. This will all generate traffic to your web page and help establish your blog.

Links – if youve done your research, you already know of many appropriate web logs that talk about your industry or area of expertise so start placing meaningful and appropriate comments on articles that are relevant to your business. This will begin to establish your page (not to mention your credibility) by linking with other revered blogs.

Christine at Bluelime Media had some great advice: if someone comments on your blog then e-mail them back to establish a connection with them. Check out the Bluelime Media weblog for some very relevant posts about blogging.

Make sure to connect your blog with the main Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN) so that people find your posts on the Internet. I found the following “Top 10 Search Engines in the United States (The Majors) by Rank” article invaluable when I did this and had little or no difficulty registering with most of the major search engines.

Next connect with the main blog engines so that readers can locate your pieces. There are numerous blog engines (I found over 50) but the main ones seem to be Technorati, Ice Rocket and the major search engine’s all have blog readers. I found some of these easier to manoeuvre my way around than others but once you find the right place on the web sites you can often set up them up to update your listing automatically so that your new articles are listed as they are posted.

By promoting your blog, you will bring more traffic to your site and help establish your expertise. I am learning as I go here so this is by no means a conclusive list of ways to promote your corporate blog. Its a great start though and it has kept me busy this week… I would love to add to this any innovative ideas, tactics and promotional vehicles that you use and that I may have overlooked so please add your comments.


  1. Good writing Outsmart – and congratulations on your blog :o)

    Of course – the most valuable thing anyone can do to promote their blog is to write good copy – then your audience will find you!

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