Corporate Blog Writing Etiquette

Here are some guidelines to bear in mind when you are writing your corporate blog:

1. Keep entries to one page or less – a blog entry should be short and to the point.

2. Blogs are intended as on-line logs or journals and are more informal than other marketing mediums so write accordingly.

3. Use simple terms – dont include jargon or abbreviations unless you are sure your audience will understand otherwise it will simply put them off.

4. Dont use your blog as a forum to attempt to promote or sell – its not appropriate.

5. It is generally accepted in the blogosphere that you can quote from another blog as long as you state your source and link back to it.

6. Remember to add value. Think about who your intended audience is and write posts that are informative – share useful links to cool sites and on-line services.

7. Emoticons may be okay for a personal blog but in a corporate one they look unprofessional. Unless your target audience is the under 20 consumer crowd then its best to avoid using emoticons at all.

8. Its good to include video clips, images and podcasts.

9. Dont use fonts that are too large or hard to read and be sparing with capitals (no need to yell!).

10. When you include links to other web pages, always remember to check that your links work before publishing your blog article (theres nothing worse than clicking on a link in anticipation only to find that it doesnt link take you where its supposed to).


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  2. I think this is a great article explaining the do’s and don’ts of etiquette when it comes to writing a corporate blog. I like the way this article is organized in that it has each suggestion numbered. When articles are organized, it makes them easier to follow, and more people are likely to read them. Also, good suggestions are given regarding how long the length of a corporate blog should be, size of font, type of terms that should and/or should not be used, and much more. This article is very informative and has great tips for anyone who is planning on writing a blog for a corporation.

    Nicole Carrington

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