Corporate RSS Setup

I wrote an article recently for Bluelime Media called “RSS not so simple after all!” that talked about RSS from the user perspective. Now I want to look at RSS from the corporate perspective.

Incase you didn’t read the article, RSS is a means by which information can be easily be published and made available to subscribers in a central on-line repository.

From a corporate standpoint, their are many reasons to take advantage of RSS both to publish information and for research:

  1. RSS makes it easier for prospects to find your articles;
  2. subscribers get the latest and greatest information;
  3. helps establish connections to your web site and drive traffic;
  4. gives you the ability to research multiple sources at once;
  5. great tools for disseminating information throughout the organisation.

So as an organisation, how would you set up an RSS Feed? The first thing you have to do is contact your web designer and find out if your site is set up to support a syndication feed (if you have a blog you may already have a feed set up). If not, its easy to set one up by entering a few lines of code – check out O’Reilly for help to do this.

Once the feed is set up, you should let people who visit your site know by adding the RSS Feed button which usually looks something like this:

I created the graphic for free by signing up with Feedburner but I am told you can do the same with FeedForAll. Having the button on your site in a prominent place will allow people to easily click to set up a feed that brings your article directly to them as its updated.

To complete the process, have your web designer add code to your website templates so that the RSS feed readers can find your posts and submit your feed to syndicators and search engines to make it easier for your audience to find you.

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