New Media Marketing Tools Explained

Over the last few years the Internet has brought great change for marketers. There are many new tools available that give us the opportunity to reach a wider audiences, establish and enhance brand awareness, improve customer service and retention as well as understand our customers better. Perhaps the biggest attraction of these “new media” technologies is that they offer all these benefits at a much lower price point than traditional direct marketing vehicles.

In a series of upcoming posts, Id like highlight these new innovations and help you understand how they could be used by your organisation by showing you examples of other organisations using these to their advantage. Today I am going to look at Corporate Blogging and Podcasting – watch out for future posts on using wikis, v-logs and virtual worlds to your marketing advantage.

Corporate Blogging – perhaps the best know corporate blog here in Vancouver is the Vancity blog. Vancity is a local Credit Union known for its leading edge approaches to establishing its brand. The change everything site is aimed at growing a community of like minded people looking “to change themselves, their communities or their world and it contains information on environmental issues, local community and charity events alongside financial tips. Anyone can register and contribute valid blog articles. Vancity doesnt use the site to sell or promote but to identify itself as a corporation that cares and by doing so it is making this community aware of its brand and further establishing loyalty.

Corporate Podcasting – Podcasting tends to be associated with traditional media organisations extending their reach. My favorite and one of the pioneers of podcasting is the BBC which makes many of its radio shows and TV programme highlights (including last years Queens speech!) available for download anywhere in the world via podcast. But podcasting is not limited to news providers. Other corporations are recognising that this forum offers them a real opportunity to provide a better standard of service for its customers and community. One of the best known is First Direct – a subsidiary of HSBC in the UK that uses podcasting as a way to keep customers up to date with changes to their services and with developments in the finance.

I mentioned earlier one of the main benefits of new technologies like podcasting and corporate blogging is their cost effectiveness but another huge advantage of these is the relative ease with which you can start using them in your marketing arsenal. That, together with the growing use of these technologies in the mainstream makes them very attractive vehicles that you can use to further your marketing efforts.

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