10 Email Marketing Tips

Tips to make your email marketing more effective:

  1. No selling – its better to use email as a means of keeping existing customers happy rather than annoying potential new ones. This has tyhe added advantage of helping avoid the communication being tagged as spam;
  2. Use an Attention Grabbing title – one that is brief, catchy and intelligent. It will elicit opening of the mail;
  3. Always make it easy for people to unsubscribe by adding a link in the mail that allows them to do so easily. When someone does unsubscribe, be sure to delete them from the list otherwise you cold risk unwanted negative perceptions;
  4. Make it easy for readers to do business with by including a link back to your website and full contact information;
  5. Don’t use too many graphics or animated images – not all users will be able to see them and it could clog recipient email servers;
  6. Include a compelling reason to follow up – for example: “first ten people to respond receive….” and remember to make the reward worth it;
  7. Don’t include too much text – no one has time to read endless emails and it risks confusing the issue and dilluting the point you are trying to make;
  8. Always remember to add value- your email should be informative and unique – tell readers something they don’t already know;
  9. Make it easy to subscribe – allow users to subscribe to your email newsletters on your website and publicise them on other promotional materials;
  10. Check your spam rating before sending – use sites like eNetplace and SiteBuildIt! to assess whether your mail will get past the spam checkers

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