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I had the opportunity tonight to attend my first Professional Women’s Network meeting and I must say what a pleasure to meet so many smart ladies doing invaluable work, especially given the typically male dominated events I have been attending of late.

But enough of that, I want to talk about the presentation which was given by AHA Creative Strategies co-founder and CEO, Ruth Atherle called “Maximizing the Power of Web Communication Tools” and specifically the security issue that came up.

Ruth did an excellent job in discussing the advantages to having a corporate blog and the reasons why every company should have one such as establishing your credibility and driving prospects to your web site.

The talk quickly came around to the perceived downsides to blogging and I’d like to provide a brief synopsis of the security issue: how safe and secure is it to blog?

It’s a question that has constantly plagued Internet business innovators and Ruth countered it well by pointing out that the Internet is in many ways safer than the physical world in that you have a barrier between you and potential harm doers:the worst that can be done is to place unwanted comments on your blog and you can counter these by looking on them as an opportunity to address the issue in a positive manner the public forum, choosing to vet all comments before posting or, as a last resort and unlikely to happen you can contact a lawyer.

It was noted that bloggers are in general upstanding members of the community and are loyal, when someone posts inappropriate comments they tend to rally round in support.

As far as I am concerned, I believe that we all have a right to our opinions and if we wish to use blogging as a means to share our knowledge and establish our areas of expertiese we should feel comfortable in doing so. However, anyone who is ready to put up a business blog must accept that it will open their business up to critisicm and counter opinions and they should put in place policy guidelines to help guide contributors and establish limits.

Heres a link to AHAs blog which has some great resources for anyone seriously considering blogging as a means to enhance their marketing efforts.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words about my presentation. I think you make a great point about our right to our opinions and in using blogs as a way to share our knowledge and expertise. And that if you put up a business blog – you need to be prepared for negative comments.

    Blogging isn’t the cure-all for business – it is another way to speak to your audience and that can often mean discussion and disagreement. It’s a great way to get honest feedback respectfully – and from my experience, I often learn more from those who challenge and disagree with me than those who agree.

    Your comments made me realize that I need to put up AHA’s policy front and centre on our blog page. We will read and respond to critiscim, disagreement, discourse … anything that opens a conversation … we delete posts that are attacks or that are written disrespectfully about a person … thanks! I am going to post our “policy” on our blog site within the next week.

    I think that the magic that comes from blogging – whether it is from writing your own blog to posting to someone’s blog – is about encouraging thought and dialogue. Which is always a good thing.

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