Keep on Blogging!

Did you know that the Forrester Group estimates that there will be 100 million bloggers worldwide this year and that there are a further 200 million ex bloggers who got bored and gave up the ghost? Did you also know that around 40% of people who write on-line have had their work published in other media?

Its true there is a lot of opinions out there in the blogosphere jostling for attention. Many of them are intelligently presented and many seem to be pure drivel (I guess thats purely subjective) but if you are patient and consistent in your blogging and you have something unique and interesting to say – your blog will draw attention and it will have the added benefit of keeping your customers and prospects up to date with what’s happening at your organisation.

Remember, the key is consistency – if you can’t consistently post a valuable peice (minimum 2 per week) then you may as well not to bother. If that’s a struggle for you then get creative – ask colleagues, customers and employees to write for you or simply link back to articles you’ve found on the web yourself that are relevant and appropriate and introduce them by summarising why you found them interesting.

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