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My daughter who is in Grade 1 recently came home demoralized: one of the kids in her class had written some negative comments about one of her stories and she felt bad about it. I explained to her that everyone is entitled to their opinion and that simply by having the nerve to write the story in the first place and let her friends read it made her brave and smart.

The whole episode got me thinking about blogging. When you blog, you must expect that not everyone who reads will agree with you. Prepare yourself for it – be brave! You’ll sometimes get negative comments but the simple act of blogging gives people the opportunity to learn from your insights and you can learn from them in turn. Fortunately for bloggers (unlike my daughters story episode), we can choose to read and review all comments prior to posting and root out those that contain spam or aren’t constructive or applicable but I always encourage people to post comments that have valuable counter arguments or added insight – even if its a post from the competition. In this way your blog will gain credibility with your audience, you will give readers the chance to see all sides of the equation and it will encourage more comments from interested parties.

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