Blogging – No Longer the Domain of the Young

One of the objections to blogging that I regularly hear is that “it’s for a younger crowd”. Well, it turns out that the demographic landscape of the blogosphere is changing and companies should take note before the get left behind.

A recent survey conducted by TSN Canadian Facts into blogging, social networking and gaming trends found that 50% of Canadians on the Internet use blogs. Granted, most of those who have their own blogs are teenagers but I was happy to see that 38% of the over 50 wired crowd were actively reading or commenting on blogs (a percentage that grows steadily through the younger age brackets) and that only 9% of Canadians in Western Canada surveyed hadn’t heard of blogs.

These statistics suggest to me that blogging is quickly being accepted by the masses as a vital source of independent information. Companies take note the burgeoning demand across all age groups: if you don’t feed the need by blogging and prove your worth in this medium, you risk becoming dinosaurs – relics of an earlier age.

And what better a way to facilitate this than to take advantage of the fact that the majority (78%) of the incoming workforce are already using blogging technology socially and expect to use these professionally too – according to a recent article by Information week entitled Younger Workers Demanding Web 2.0 Tech on the Job.

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