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The Office Journal recently published a question of mine posed to Brian Scudamore in their 1-800-Got-Question? column. Brian, Founder and CEO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? has grown the company to one world’s largest junk removal service companies since its inception in 1989. Much of this success has been due to word of mouth marketing so I asked for his advice in this area. His answer warmed my cockles as it were because it confirmed some of the benefits of new media marketing I have extolled myself in this very blog such as the fact that its costs less and is much easier than you think.

Here’s the question and Brian’s answer in full:

I have recently rejigged my sales and marketing consulting practice to help clients take advantage of new media marketing solutions such as blogging to help them extend their reach. Viral marketing has obviously played a big role in helping 1-800-GOT-JUNK? establish its brand and grow its customer base.

How much of that do you credit to technology and what would your advice be to a small organisation like mine that is looking to harness viral marketing to spread the good word?


Hi Mhairi,

For the last few years, technology has certainly been 1-800-GOT-JUNK?s best friend to get the word out about our company and our services. The primary reason is that technology has drastically increased the speed at which we are now able to spread our message. The appealing factor of viral marketing through technology for a small business is that once you have a computer, the remaining costs of creating a viral campaign are minimal.

We have utilized several media to accomplish viral marketing, including, where anyone can post videos. For us, we filmed a low budget commercial that was actually only run a few times on television. The success of our commercial was actually generated from The video, infamously known as our Rat Advertising Trial (R.A.T.), featured on TBS as one of the worlds funniest commercials and attracting more than one million computer viewers.

Another technological medium that we have found successful is our Business Smarts podcast that we are able to post on iTunes. Podcasting is not only low-cost, but very simple to do. The essential ingredient for a successful viral podcast, which your target audience will listen to, is creating a dynamic topic people will find interesting.

Thanks to Brian for your insights and to Office Journal for publishing the question.

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