Bamboozled by the web?

Of the 20.4m Canadians online, only 22 percent of these (according to a recent Ipsos Reid Poll) consider themselves to be technically savvy and one third of these rank themselves as not well skilled when it comes to new technology. If these numbers are mirrored in the business community then there’s a lot of people out there who simply don’t have a clue how to take advantage of the wave of new technologies out there that can help them grow their business. Blogging, social networking, podcasting and video broadcast technologies all offer new effective ways to help you spread the word and in so doing improve search engine ranking and positioning. Wiki’s are helping improve the communication flow within organisations as more and more companies recognise the collaborative value of these technologies.

If your company isn’t considering its social medai strategy it should be. Read The Importance of a Web Strategy by Gavin Heaton to find out more.

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  1. agreed. I think all of this is made more difficult by a few things:

    1. the snake-oil merchants who blur fact/fiction in the non-savvy mind
    2. the fact that most of the ‘how to’/educational content *about* the web is *on* the web (where the people who need it aren’t naturally exposed to it)
    3. the constant focus in offline media on the technology, rather than the social implications of that technology

    I look forward to reading Gavin’s article


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