Blogging for Traffic

Outsmart Sales and Marking is going through a transition to focus on new marketing methods rather than traditional ones and during this time of change we’ve had 2 websites mirroring each other and We did this to give us the chance to tweak the new site until its right for launching (it’s still a work in progress – watch for a new look really soon). We thought that if we didn’t register the site with the search engines, didn’t promote links or use ads then no one would find it. How wrong this assumption has proven to be. I can safely say that the new Out-Smarts site is getting almost 75% of the traffic that the Outsmartsales one gets with no promotion at all, none, nada.

The reason for all this traffic is the blog itself. By blogging regularly and adding value the site is being noticed and gaining loyalty in the blogosphere which means increased traffic. Not only that but the Google juice is really flowing – when Googled the site has strong positioning and regularly appears high in the rankings. Not quite what you’d expect from a site that’s supposed to be flying under the radar until the launch in September. Just goes to prove that blogging regularly has true tangible benefits and measurable impact on the traffic to your site.

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