Naked Conversations – Robert Scoble and Shel Isreal

If you’ve been hanging around the blogosphere for any length of time you’ll probably have heard about Robert Scoble co-author of this book. I picked up the book because I had heard that he was a prolific blogger by night and a Microsoft employee by day. I new that he would have a story or two to relate about his blogging experiences and I was right.

Naked Conversations is a book that is written and structured well. It was easy to enjoy and doesn’t bog you down in technical jargon. It covers everything bus blog related from: what corporate blogging is all about and how to approach it (which companies should and shouldn’t blog); what types of blogs are out there; which companies do it well and which have failed miserably (and why). The book gives interesting anecdotes on companies that have harnessed blogging in different forums. It also looks at adoption rates across different parts of the world and considers why people have been fired for their blog posts.

This was a good read for me because its so pertinent to what I do. Much of the information contained therein wasn’t new to me but there were many nuggets of inspiration and anecdotes that I can draw on in my own business blog evangelism. I really appreciated the fact that it took on blogging from an alternative perspective from my own – that of the blogging well for blogging’s sake and the resulting positive business impact.

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