New Media – Reasons To Be Cheerful

There are many reasons to be cheerful right now, it’s summer in Vancouver the sun is out and all is well with this part of the world (we’ll it is if you don’t count the municipal strike). Reasons to be cheerful indeed but these aren’t enough to justify a serious blog article are they? My warm fuzzies are thanks to developments in technology and I see these improving business processes in the near future and making my life better in general:

1. There’s finally a real alternative to cable TV in the form of Joost. Joost is a new application that allows you to watch TV shows over the Internet (sign up to try out the beta if you can). Hopefully in the near future I will be able to watch what I want when I want without being bombarded with unwanted ads.

2. My pbwiki environment just got better – they’re incorporating spreadsheet capabilities not to mention voice and IM. We use wiki technology to map out and share processes internally and to track services provided so the easier it is to communicate in different media in one application, the more streamlined our business becomes, the better the service we provide.

3. For a while now its been driving me crazy that I have multiple different logins for every social network I track. Thankfully the Facebook people have recognised my pain and incorporated Twitter so that I can have a Twitter with my Facebook friends. Its nice to see the convergence of these Web 2.0 technologies and I am hoping there will be more integration in the coming months.

Reasons to be cheerful indeed – what a wonderful world!


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