Social Media Marketing

I don’t know about you but I am constantly bombarded by unwanted information and intrusions into my privacy in the form of TV ads, promotional inserts in magazines and newspapers as well as unsolicited mail. I’ve had quite enough of old ineffective marketing techniques thank you!

It would appear that I am not the only one. Lisa Barone writes an interesting article voicing her own frustrations with traditional marketing techniques and their inadequacies in Why Social Media Belongs In your Internet marketing campaign. She hones in on her favourite social media examples and raises the question “Your competition has already begun testing social media optimisation, have you?”.

Thankfuly Web 2.0 and the evolution of the Internet in general is putting control back in the hands of the audience. Collaborative Internet technologies are allowing consumers to become active in the marketing process rather than passive. We finally have a choice. Companies must take note of this and develop strategies to take advantage of social networks, blogging and blog forums, video and podcast campaigns so as to effectively market to a new tech savvy audience that has been jaded by old marketing techniques and wants control over the marketing it is subjected to.

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