Viral Marketing Worked On Me – Update

I thought I’d give you an update on the viral marketing book I am reviewing as part of the mini book expo for bloggers. The audio book came in the mail today – yippee! Unfortunately, I am not quite in the position to review the book “Guerilla PR Wired” yet. It comes in Iofy SD format but the SD doesn’t fit in my phone (mine takes a mini), I have an MP3 and not the supported iPod so I’m going to have to “listen” on my MAC – not exactly conducive for summertime beach listening is it? The blurb claims that Iofy chips and downloads are more convenient than CDs and cassettes but so far I’m not convinced: plain old paper is winning hands down right now in my view. More to follow in review when I get the chance to plant my bum at the MAC for 11 hours…..

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