10 Keyword Tips

Using keywords is a must if you want the right audience to find you on the web. Here are 10 tips to that will make you determine the right keywords:

1. When coming up with keywords, think inside the head of your intended customer. What is she thinking when she starts her search? Put yourself in her shoes and think about the words she would Google.

2. Use concise terms – the simpler the better and use word combinations rather than one word terms to hone in on the right audience.

3. Use a tool like the Overture Keyword Selector to determine how frequently a term is searched for and identify similar terms.

4. Always check your spelling – if it’s wrong then no one will find you!

5. Think of as many combinations of words for applicable terms as possible for every service offering or product you sell – get creative, ask clients and partners for their input.

6. Consider adding geographical keywords that describe your target audience: if you’re going after prospects in Toronto for example, add Toronto to the keywords describing your offerings.

7. Use your keywords frequently, in blog titles, at the start of all web pages and use applicable terms for different pages or services your provide.

8. Make sure applicable keywords are listed in the META tags for each web page – ask your web designer how.

9. Test and try different words and combinations. Don’t be afraid to monitor and change words frequently depending on results.

10. Refine your clicks by using negative keywords (keywords with a minus sign up front) so that search engines will omit your link when the term is searched in combination with your keywords.

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