Gmail – What a Nightmare

Recently I had a very negative experience with Gmail – Google’s e-mail offering. My young son asked me to set up an e-mail address for him and, having used iGoogle for quite some time, I thought it would be a good excuse for me to try out Gmail to see if it really does cut down the spam. So I went through the process of setting up an e-mail account to link to my iGoogle so that I could make sure my son wasn’t receiving some of the dreadful spam I get. Once done, I went to set up an email address for myself only to discover that my sons address was the primary address and that there was no way to change this. So I deleted the address to try again since I wanted his as a secondary address but apparently to no avail. At this point I am awaiting feedback from Google support, waiting, waiting, waiting.

Now I have an e-mail that doesn’t exist as my primary e-mail and its telling me if I want to start again I have to sign up for a new account. If this means I have to set up my whole account again then I can tell you, Yahoo! will be my first port of call. Google, you really need to take your strategy for web site look and feel and apply it to the other services provided and keep it simple (for stupid?).

Now I’ve wasted a bunch of time trying to fanny about to fix my problem and I still don’t have an e-mail for my son and I am getting tonnes of spam. Talk about a bear with a sore head.

I really hope that some of you Google champions out there come to my aid to resolve this! When they do I will let you know all if it solves my spam problems.

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