International Blog Day

In celebration of International Blog Day, I am going to digress from my usual Internet marketing focus to share with you 5 blogs that I enjoy.

1. As an amateur rock hound I love to dig around and find interesting rocks and gems in the BC countryside which I then tumble to polish. The Rocktumbler’s blog has some great tips for troubleshooting the process so that your rocks come out with a brilliant hue.

2. I traveled to Belgrade three years ago and would love to go back soon. The Belgrade blog is a great blog in English about what’s going on in the city – with a humorous slant.

3. Sometimes its good to get inspired and John’s Place blog is great for this with short anecdotes that help you live up to your potential.

4. When I was planning a vacation to Hawaii earlier this year I came upon this Hawaii Vacations blog which regularly makes me yearn to return.

5. For something out of the ordinary check out Oddee.


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