The Trend To The Web

A recent study conducted by the CRTC found that the majority of Canadians have Internet access in their homes (a whopping 70%) and that they are spending much more time on the Internet and less time watching TV. Statistics like these could be the death knell for traditional advertising and marketing which are already on the wane. There’s a vast untapped pool of potential customers for your product/service on-line now and if your company is still focused on traditional marketing and advertising, it will have no way to reach that prospect base.

The average traditional marketing campaign is considered successfull if it achieves a 2% response rate meaning that almost 98% of mail pieces go straight to the trash. At a time of environmental crisis this crass use of resources is no longer acceptable. New media marketing techniques will extend the reach of your organisation, reduce the material costs and have less environmental impact. Get smart – consider new media marketing today or risk being left behind tomorrow.

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