Facebook For Business

It seems that everyone is flocking to Facebook these days. The social networking site has over 39 millions active users and according to the Facebook page, is growing at a rate of 3% per week. The social networking site has seen a major increase because it is relatively intuitive and easy to use, more interactive and sticky than other networks such as LinkedIn; and integrates photos, voice, video and messaging easily. This trend seems to be getting a few companies worried with some banning their employees from using it according to a recent post by IT World Canada.

Instead of worrying about the impact this has in terms of downtime, companies should be considering how this trend can be used to their advantage. Businesses are slowly beginning to catch on to the capabilities of Facebook. In Canada I see Telus, TD Canada Trust and Molson all testing the waters with either applications that users can add to their profiles or unique profiles users can befriend. For the company, it entrenches the brand, increases public awareness and can extend its reach to a new audience.


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