Guerilla PR Wired

As you may well know, back in June I was excited to participate in the mini book expo for bloggers.

I signed up and was sent the audio book Guerrilla PR Wired by David Levine. After the set back of discovering that the Iofy chip only worked on my MAC and not my iPod or phone as I had hoped, it took me some time to actually listen (after all, when I am at my desk I am usually working and its hard to find desk time to listen too!). Unfortunately, you can’t just stop the narrative wherever you like to review or recap which was a problem when the application crashed and I had to start again at the beginning of a chapter.

The narrative itself is easy to listen to and well laid out but I am not the target audience for this type of publication. The intended reader is a business person who is a beginner when it come to using the Internet – you know, one of those people that look like a dear caught in the headlights at the mere mention of the web marketing and for those people I would highly recommend it.

However, I did find some gems in the book pertaining to PR that will help Out-Smarts plan, set up and maintain a PR campaign. The book includes great tips on writing a PR piece (layout and format) and how to approach promoting them to the right publications and people. It covers guidance on your website design to support your campaign; learning how to understand the “media gatekeeper”; tactics to get your website publicized; strategies to help you continue to attract attention without becoming stale or overpowering as well as how to follow up on and maintain success; pitfalls you should be aware of and how to deal with negative P.R.. I did learn a thing or 2 about PR but overall this wasn’t the best publication for me. Thanks to the mini book expo for allowing us to participate though.

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