New Media Reasons To Be Cheerful – September 07

This month’s reasons to be cheerful were brought to my attention by TechCrunch, a group of expert panelists and bloggers that review innumerable entries to shortlist a few of the most innovative startup companies of the year.

This years TechCrunch list featured 40 of the neatest Web 2.0 offerings. Here are my faves:

Wixi – promises all your photo, video and music in one place accessible anywhere simply by logging in.

Teach The People – is an online social network based on sharing knowledge and educating others.

Ceedo – aims to allow people to virtualise their Windows desktop and makes this portable via USB or even phones – don’t ask me how!

Kerpoof – is a site aimed at encouraging kids to get creative. It allows kids to create art, stories and animation and share their masterpieces with their friends.

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