Obtaining Email Buy In

I just got back from a great trip to Jamaica. On the eve of my departure from the resort I received a letter giving my departure details. Item 6 on the list informed us that they would send an evaluation survey by email. “DO NOT DELETE FROM YOUR INBOX” was highlighted (the only capitalized words screaming from the page I may add) along with the justification – “We use this as a management tool to improve our services”. What baloney! They don’t want you delete it for one reason and one reason only – so they don’t get caught up in the spam filter. When the email comes in I will therefore be even more likely to simply hit delete.

To obtain email buy in, the company should have:
1) been completely transparent up front giving customers the real justification for keeping the email and
2) they should have offered the customer an incentive to add them to contacts or subscribe (they took enough photos – perhaps a thumbnail or 2 would have been appropriate).

With all the spam lurking in people’s inboxes, companies need to become more creative and upstanding if they have any hope of being whitelisted otherwise their communications could have the opposite of the desired effect.

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