Targeted Email Campaigns Vital to Sales Success

At a time when buyers have limitless amounts of product information available on the Internet and are taking longer to come to a decision than ever before, it is vital to use every tool at your company’s disposal to speed up the sales process if possible.

Email can be a make or break medium in terms of facilitating the sales process. Today’s article in the Marketing Profs Blog describes how to use email segmentation to shorten the sales cycle. The article points out that email campaigns should be targeted rather than blanket making the message more appropriate for the intended audience; that an effective email strategy should take into account where in the sales cycle the recipient is (i.e. send different emails to customers than you send to prospects and so on) and the message should be appropriate and compelling. The article also reminds that no-one will appreciate being inundated with mail and that that only serves to hinder the process.

Used right, email is a vital and effective component of your sales and marketing strategy.

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