Web 3.0

At a time when technologists can barely agree on the definition of Web 2.0, when many members of the public are simply unaware of it’s existince, it seems too soon to be talking about Web 3.0 but I am going to anyway because its always good to know what’s coming.

Web 1.0 was a one way street: websites posted information and visitors would come along to read – that was about it. Web 2.0 saw the advent of the two way relationship where visitors could read, collaborate and interact on the web on their own terms. Web 3.0 is described as the semantic web and is associated with the ability to integrate all of the information available to us on-line using machines to read, sort and act and thus make it easier for us to cope with the daily chaos.

You may have heard the example of your “wired” fridge automatically notifying you by e-mail, text or other device to alert you that the milk has been finished you need to buy some on the way home or even notifying your supplier automatically to send it on. Well that’s a great example of how Web 3.0 will work.

However, considering how long it’s taking for many to catch on to Web 2.0, and the fact that the technology just isn’t quite there yet, I don’t believe we should be worrying Web 3.0 business strategies quite yet but it is important to realize that technology is improving at an amazing rate and that Web 3.0 will be a reality one day in the not too distant future. In the meantime, the continued convergence of existing Web 2.0 technologies further enhances collaboration and is streamline both communications and work flow so you really should be considering how your company can harness these.


  1. I’m still on the fence with the term Web 3.0. The next step in the Web’s evolution is the Semantic Web. Some people say the Semantic Web is just part of Web 3.0, but I think Web 3.0 is kind of… BS. Web 2.0 makes sense only because it really is a new take on how the Web should work. Part of the reason why Web 2.0 works is not because we actually believe that there are versions, but because the name represents “new version.” Having a Web 3.0 is just following a trend that wasn’t meant to exist (IMHO). Nice blog 🙂

  2. I’m agee with James. I’m thinking that a more appropriate title would be “Business and Marketing 3.0”. I just read Rohit’s post about semacodes and think that the future is way more than the web. Sure the web is going to play a big part, but phones and other mobile device will soon be playing a much bigger part.

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