Blogs: If You Can’t Beat Them – Join Them

Blogging has long been dismissed by traditional print media as being unprofessional, not “real news” or too subjective. It would appear that these opinions are changing. Newspapers in particular are altering their perspectives and looking to blog posts to rekindle the flagging interest in their editorials. Our local rag, the Vancouver Sun now boasts several staff writers who publish blogs regularly under categories such as business, news, features and so on with varying levels of response. The Sun is using the blog tool to reach a younger, wider audience.

There is a lot to be learned from a businesses perspective from this. Blogs are associated in many people’s minds as on-line journals and many question how that relates to business. A corporate blog isn’t a company diary, its a way of communicating your message more effectively, establishing your expertise and like the newspapers are learning – its a way to reach a wider audience.

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