Business Networking On The Internet Pays

Almost daily people tell me they don’t see the point of blogging or that social networking is just for personal purposes. I say baloney! These are great tools to use to get your company’s name out there and publicise your expertise. Here’s just one example of why I truly believe that being active in the blogosphere and in social networks is a great tool for business development:

I had an interesting experience this week when a company got in touch with me to find out more about Out-Smarts services. “Big deal” I hear you say, “people get in touch with companies all the time”. You’re right there but what is interesting about this is not the fact that they got in touch but how it transpired. They had been referred by a colleague who knew me through comments I had made on that company’s blog. I had never met this colleague before and the only previous contact I had had with that company is through a Facebook contact who works there. I had no connection with them in the real world and yet the opportunity came my way by virtue of my presence in the virtua world. This is a perfect example of what I like to call “Internetworking” or in other words business networking on the Internet. Every company should be putting Internetworking to good use. It is a free and effective way to publicise your offering!

Please share your “Internetworking” successes with our community too.

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