The Benefits of Google AdWords

GoogleAdWords is a great way to easily target your niche audience and promote your product to that audience. With hundreds of millions of Google searches performed every day it makes sense to tap into that huge potential market and thats just what GoogleAdwords lets you do.

When you next google something look at the right hand side and the top few searches of the page: these are ads (usually highlighted) placed and paid for by companies using the GoogleAdWords service.

The major benefits companies find in using this service (increased traffic notwithstanding) include:

  • ability to get started on a minimum budget: as little as $5 per month;
  • manage your budget effectively with monthly spend limits;
  • test the waters, try different keywords and ad wording and make adjustments easily;
  • you only pay for actual clicks (people who click through to visit your site);
  • advertising with Google, unlike advertising in traditional media, is highly targeted by location and language;
  • its relatively simple to get started
  • and the service offers advanced reporting options if you are so inclined.

All in all, GoogleAdWords brings great bang for your advertising buck.

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