Threadless – Putting Web 2.0 to Good Use

I was going to keep this one for our Reasons to be Cheerful post for October but its too good to wait. I am always looking for examples on the web of innovative companies that are using Web 2.0 and its collaborative capabilities in really innovative ways. I came across an example of a web site that really does this well called Threadless. This T shirt design company that truly engages clients online by:

  • encouraging visitors to design their own T shirt or order from the catalogue of unique and popular shirts;
  • promoting participation by using blog technology so that visitors can share tips on design, opinions on T shirts and other hot topics;
  • hosting an ongoing competition that draws visitors back by having them vote on the best designs submitted this month – winners get a cash reward;
  • building a loyal following that shares photos of T-shirts and wearers building loyalty;
  • having users sign up as members of the “Street Team” and begin promoting the Threadless web site to earn T Shirt credits and virally spread the word.

Threadless uses Web 2.0 to market its offering very effectively – go take a look and be inspired!

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