Effective Blog Uses

Julie Anderson, VP of Marketing at PeopleMaps was kind enough to share their experiences with corporate blogging on our Facebook discussion forum. PeopleMaps puts blog technology to good use for different purposes in their organisation:

“PeopleMaps has been blogging for a while – and we do it in a few different ways:

We use our main company blog as our news channel out to all our audiences. We ask new customers to subscribe to email updates to be sure they’re kept up to date with our activities. We don’t blog all the time on this channel – people are too busy to read our news every day!

We use 2 other blogs to speak to two separate audiences – our consumer audience and our corporate audience. This allows us to be specific in our topics – and builds up our traffic independently from our website SEO and online advertising activities.

Internally we blog to keep various other groups informed of our activities – e.g. our shareholders. These blogs are private as we don’t want just anyone to read that info – the blog technology is just really easy to use and a great way to push out information informally, without relying on email.

Oh, and we use Typepad currently as it was the easiest platform to get started with. We’re messing around with WordPress for some other activities though.”

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