Mobile Marketing Buzz

Mobile marketing is the latest phenomenon changing the way marketers communicate with their target audience. Companies are using text messaging more and more to reinforce their brand and codes that can be read by cellphones are appearing on ads and bill boards to elicit response and promote offerings.

At the SOHO trade show this week I had the good fortune to meet up with a local company called Quick Mobile whose focus is facilitating mobile marketing applications. Interest in their offering is growing at an average rate of 10% per day and they do all of the above.

One great application that you can try yourself here in Vancouver is the Translink bus timetable service. If you’re waiting on the bus and want to know if its on its way simply text the number shown on the timetable at the bus stop and, Bob’s your uncle, you find out how long a wait you face. Wicked!

Watch out for more on mobile marketing in the coming weeks right here.

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