The Correct Way to Pitch to Bloggers

Guest writer Monica Hamburg a local freelancer and humorist points out the correct way to pitch to bloggers:

“Hi, can I speak with Mr. or Mrs. [insert surname here].”

Sigh…. You know one thing for certain when you get these types of calls: the caller doesnt know you from Adam.

Sadly, pitches to bloggers often fall into the same category, with the sender failing to understand that generic, impersonal emails send precisely the same message as those dreaded telephone calls: we dont know you, we dont care who you are, just purchase our product/service and help us out.

The single most important element in blogger relations is to know about the person you are pitching to. You should know why they would be interested in your request (e.g. promoting, reviewing, talking about your product or service etc.) and tailor your email accordingly. Generic solicitations not only beg to be deleted but further show your company in a negative light, indicating that you are too lazy or too disinterested to make the most basic effort.

David Wescott in his blog “Its Not a Lecture” breaks it down into “The Three Rs of Blogging Relations”: “Respect, Relevance, and Relationships.” Essentially: dont assume the blogger is there to promote you, make certain your product/service etc. is in-line with what the blogs content and who the blogger is (not asking for your succulent rib house to be reviewed by, for instance) and building a sincere relationship with the blogger (even before you make your request).

Points out Daniel Riveong at Emergence Media: “…the blogosphere is a community, not a place to send press releases to.”

For more of Monica’s rumitations go to her Your Dose of Lunacy humour blog and website.

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