Facebook Over Populated Hoax – The Aftermath

The other day I posted the Facebook hoax Funwall message and wanted to follow up on the aftermath. There’s been a lot of discussion about this hoax in the blogosphere and turns out that my mentioning it brought many new visitors to this blog (welcome!). The message was indeed a hoax (as if that wasn’t obvious). Apparently it was created by 2 girls with bad grammar and nothing better to do with their time (get a life ladies). There’s talk that they will be cast out of the network (Social Network purgatory if you will….). But you have to give it to them for creating a viral meme. Word of the hoax spread quickly and Facebook itself reacted on its blog by outlining how they communicate with users in the event that they need to do so.Here’s an excerpt:”We will never use any of the following methods to tell you information, or ask for you to take an action:

  • Your Wall
  • An inbox message from a friend— in other words, chain letters.
  • Messages spread through Applications—if an application is telling you that Facebook is about to shut down, report it.”
  • Since Facebook is becoming the SN of choice for business users the prevalence of messages like these will simply put off this new audience so its good to see Facebook react proactively and professionally to counter.


    1. You said it “Get a life, ladies” I like it. I also like the idea of them getting yanked off FB for starting a hoax. However, it would be nice to know what their names were, hoaxters toss names around in their unfunny pranks, so it’s high time they had their own names exposed. Maybe that could be an insentive for people to not start chain letter hoaxes in the future.

    2. Thanks for posting. I wonder what the next hoax will be, eh? 😉

      So, it looks like you’re into online marketing. I’ll try and check out more that you do. Just wanted to say thanks for the comment. Cheers…

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