New Media Marketing Olympic Style

In a little over 2 years Vancouver will host the 2010 Winter Olympics. To celebrate this, you will be seeing a regular post discussing new media innovations from the Olympic world as seen from our independent audience perspective – after all, the Olympics is a worldwide marketing juggernaut we can all learn from.

There has been much debate in Vancouver about the 2010 Olympic mascots unveiled last week. Sumi, Qatchi and Miga are already active on the VANOC Internet Site looking for you to join in the Olympic celebration with games and quizzes to keep you enthralled. I would include images of the mascots but the Olympic committee has very strict rules as to who can use them so you’ll just have to check them out for yourself. Why don’t you see which one of the mascots you are most like when you are at it?

Whether or not these strict rules impact their viral marketing potential remains to be seen but the Olympic games has one of the most recognizable brands in the world – they cannot be faulted in their efforts to protect that.

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