Social Networking Friend Strategies

How to manage your Facebook friends is something everyone should consider when joining a social network. Marc Cuban the Blog Maverick and owner of the Dallas Mavericks had a good post last week pointing out how he adds Facebook friends. He gets almost 100 requests to add new “friends” daily and given the number of friends he has he recently hit the 5k friend limit and had to start weeding. Here is how he does it:

“The first layer has my real friends. Those people who who I have actually met in real life and who I enjoy keeping in touch with. FB provides a great way to keep up with things with them via pictures, notifications, etc.

The 2nd layer is people who I have tangential connections to. They may just live in Dallas Fort Worth. They may be self proclaimed Mavs or MMA or movie fans, or in groups I’m in. For whatever reason there is something about them that I could connect to.

The 3rd layer is emerging as a very unique and interesting network in FB. Its what I will call “The Power Layer.” These are people who in whatever industry they are in , retain some level of power. Having them as FB friends, although very simple and non committal, gives me some level of access to them, and them to me. These are people that if they sent me a FB mail, i would certainly read and respond to , and I think they would do the same.”

I myself have different strategies for different social networks. I choose to network in Facebook and add friends only if they fall into the following criteria:

a) I know them in the real world (friends, colleagues, business associates, former co workers, school mates etc),


b) They are people with a shared professional interest (in my case its Internet and Social Marketing).

By controlling the friends I add I can manage the feedback, network with a trusted community and avoid letting FB suck up too much of my time.

Now MySpace is another story altogether. You could say I am a MySpace slut: I’ll make friends with anyone (until they spam me at which point they are swiftly deleted)- but thats a story for another blog article on another day (and I have a business reason for doing so).

What is your Facebook friend strategy?

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