Top 20 Social Networks

Wondering about social networks? With the help of ComScore I’ve put together a list of some of the most popular sites in North America so that you can check them out for yourself.
MySpace – one of the largest
Facebook – one of the fastest growing in Canada for both business and personal SN.
Classmates – connect with old school friends
Windows Live Spaces – Microsoft’s offering
AOL Hometown – blog centric
Reunion – reconnect with old friends
Club Penguin – for kids big and small
LinkedIn – professional networking
YouTube – watch and share videos
AOL People Connection – chats and forums
– pop culture
Friendster – make friends and find old ones
Hi5 – connect with other shiny faced people
Orkut – Googlearific
Flickr – photo sharing network
Live Journal – blog to your hearts content
Tagged – fancy a game of tag?
Bebo – entertainment slant
Delic.ious – share bookmarks

This is by no means a complete list (there are thousands of them out there) but will give you a feel for what social networking is all about. Let us know if you are active on sites that aren’t listed so we can share them with our community.

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