Banish Blog Nerves

I attended a great presentation last night at the Professional Women’s Network meeting here in not so sunny Vancouver. It was all about leadership and it was great to hear that I am not the only one who gets her knickers in a twist (metaphorically speaking off course!) in advance of unknown situations.


The speaker, Tana Heminsley talked about measures that you can take in advance of challenging meetings to make it easier on yourself. I found them particularly interesting as many of these can be applied to new blogosphere participants, nervous about joining the conversation.

Preparation – in advance of a meeting Tana pointed out that its always good to find out as much as you can about the subject matter, research the topic and get a feel for issues. Same goes for the blogosphere: before commenting on blogs or launching your own blog its important to research and find out what people are already saying about your area of interest, find out what the hot topics are and watch and learn about whats appropriate in a blog and whats not.

Formulate – Once you are comfortable with the kind of information flowing in the blogoshere, it is time to contribute. Formulate your opinions on the topic in question – its always good to write them down so that you can reference back if need be. Get ready to join in.

Confidence – when contributing to the blogosphere always believe in your abilitities. You know as much as the next person and probably more and your opinions are valid – always remember that. Have confidence to launch your own blog and/or comment on others especially on a high profile sites that may make you nervous. Feel the fear and get on with it!

Reflection – its always good to reflect on your posts or comments. Don’t just write them and forget. Think about what you said, how you said it and feel proud that you were able to communicate your opinions in the way you did. Consider ways that you can get your points across more effectively next time or how you can improve on your posts to make them more interesting for your audience.

Becoming active in the blogosphere needn’t make you nervous. With a little preparation up front, a pinch of confidence and the ability to reflect and improve your contributions, you will banish blog nerves. Thanks to Tana for the inspiration!

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