Behold the Power of Facebook For Business

Local new media aficionado and funny girl Monica Hamburg known for her hilarious “Your Dose of Lunacy” posts and the more serious “Me Like the Interweb” blog, wrote a great piece recently on Facebook for business. Here it is in it’s entirety – you can’t fail to learn from it:

Behold the Power of Facebook For Business

With Facebooks more than 55 million active users, it would be a tragic oversight for a company not to have a public presence on the site in some capacity. Facebook offers more than a way to keep up with friends – it has the ability to keep you in touch with your clients, gain attention for your brand and provide a more personal face for your business.

The nature of Facebook is entirely viral, and users can garner information from their friends and their interactions. Facebook can be an unintrusive way of making people aware of your business.

Recently, the social networking website has allowed businesses to create profiles for free, and innovative companies are fast employing the tool. Kris Krug, President of Raincity Studios, added the “fan page” application for his company, commenting that such an option “means companies can have a place of their own in the FB empire allowing them to send out announcements to “fans” and build up yet another presence to promote their projects, give details and promote events.”

Mhairi Petrovic uses the profile page for her company, Out-Smarts, to “extend our brand reach and reinforce it. When people become a fan, our logo appears on their website and in turn is seen by more people. Having a page and encouraging fans to join establishes Out-Smart as an innovator in social marketing (one of the services we provide).”

Utilizing this particular tool to its full capacity is the Palo Alto restaurant, Junnoon,
whose page contains essential information such as hours of operation, payment options and parking and further entices customers by prominently displaying pictures of the interior of the establishment, the food and posting its culinary philosophy, accolades and reviews.

Indeed, providing articles, pictures and videos profiling your companys work can be highly useful for potential clients and can encourage referrals. Even your business blog entries can easily be syndicated to the page. And Facebooks Events is an ideal way to promote your business launch, seminars, webinars and parties as well as track invitees and attendees.

Petrovic considers Facebook very helpful for “lead generation” and many do see the social network drive visitors to their website and blog. Sherman Hu began using Facebook purely as a social tool but, in tracking statistics, discovered that “Facebook accounted for a decent and growing percentage of new visits to my blog.”

“The platform offers you a sneak peek into the personal and business life of a Facebook Friend,” says Hu. “At a glance, I can get a feel about [their] preferences, likes, dislikes and conversational style. These offer me very effective ice-breakers.”

Creating an application can also bring attention to your brand especially if it is related to your companys function, such as Kinzins highly popular “Are You Normal?” application. Or take a page from some business behemoths and encourage involvement by running a contest (prime examples: Molsons “Cold Shots Campus Challenge” or KFC Canadas “Its Better in the Bowl!” page (… though this one, although likely accurate in its own way, is not the best tagline Ive ever heard…).

Facebook is a social network so it is critical to add value to the conversation. Petrovic encourages “fan participation by including discussions on the Out-Smart Page about topics pertinent to the business such as corporate blogging” and by providing “daily marketing tips.”

Facebook truly has the ability to make you more popular, win you more friends and influence more people.

So get on there, and get folks excited about your company!


  1. Hey Mhairi, thanks for publishing Monica’s article – she’s a hoot – and I had a blast sharing my experiences and results using Facebook with her. When I tracked it in Sept 2007, Facebook accounted for 20%+/- of my overall traffic to – I remember the surprise I felt when I checked my metrics that month 😉

    Enjoyed your “10 New Media Ways to Market” post – short and sweet, but oh so powerful if your audience would just apply it – I can attest to the power of those strategies as I apply about 90% of what you shared.


  2. Thanks Sherman! – Its amazing what can be done using new media to effectively market isn’t it? Annd Monica writes so well.

    Glad you enjoyed the post and also to hear from someone else who truly gets it.

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  4. I always enjoy reading intelligent articles by an author who is obviously up to snuff on their chosen subject. I’ll be watching this post with great interest. Keep up the great work, see you next time

  5. I totally agree with Barbara’s comment. Many thanks for discussing such an topical article with all of us. I’ve bookmarked your blog will come back for a re-read again. Keep up the excellent work.

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  7. Great post…have been using Facebook for some time now with great do have to be careful though and not make it a “Blatant” fan page just for advertising…stay well
    .-= Victor’s last blog ..Creating More Sales Through Referrals =-.

    • Yes you are so right. Usually its best to follow the 80-20 rule when posting to a Facebook Page. Only 20% should be promotional the rest should be value add.

      Thanks for visiting.

  8. Hi everyone,Useful post, although i’m more fascinated in what will take place out of this google vs facebook social network war. I have not heard much news on it lately, which likely means that its not that far off, but i’ve got a sense its really going to mean many significant improvements to social networks. In my opinion, i would rather facebook left the war still in the lead mainly because google’s already big enough, additionally they already hold a lot data on everyone. I do not believe that the two can exist though, either google’s social network will control or totally fail. What does anybody else believe?

    • It will be really interesting to see how this pans out Zita. Right now I think Google should concentrate on being the best at search (have you ever tried searching for something in gmail – its abysmal) and Facebook should focus on making their ad interface more user friendly. But that is just my opinion….

  9. I’ve done all those (landing pg, narrow demo/target, ?s in title, very focused copy) + wrote “click LIKE …” in the ad itself. Our bigger goal was getting petition signatures, so the landing page says both like and routes them to the petition. Per, the # of clicks to the url from FB almost mirror our FB ad clicks. But we wish we had fans, too. Our FB action rates averages .03% – we have about 4 ads out now, all targeting diff audience segments.

    Many thanks for your speedy reply, nonetheless!

  10. There is great information on this blog. I enjoy your writing. I’ve added the feed to my Google Reader RSS subscriptions and will continue reading your work. I did have a loading speed problem with how quick this post loaded. Might be something to optimize.

  11. I think Facebook and other social networking sites could be good marketing platforms, even for small local business. But the fact is that for sturting up an effective good social marketing campaign you need knowledge and many skills… So many times it’s better to ask for a professional help, and this can cost you good money…

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