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We just got back from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas and what a blast that was with over 2,700 vendors showcasing everything from the latest, skinniest, largest TVs to desktop clocks of all things. I went to the show with great intentions of blogging from the floor but alas my laptop died en route. Not to worry I thought – I’ll be able to access the Internet at a booth and indeed that was the case but my intentions were thwarted once again as I was unable to find the site because I had a symbol in the wrong place of my long convoluted login URL. What a cheek I have to call myself a blogger when instead of real time posts I am reduced to this – 2 days later….

Still the whole experience was good as it gave me focus at an otherwise overwhelming event. My focus: to find the device of my dreams that would enable me to easily blog regardless of where I am. In my hunt I looked at smart phones, laptops and other PDA type devices and I want to share my 2 favorites – those that I drooled on at the booth and dream about using to make my blog life easier.

The first is Sony’s latest Micro PC the VGM-UX490N/C. At about the size of a book and opening to a small keyboard and screen I could easily carry this device to blog anywhere and even better, it has the full functionality of a laptop 3 times the size. Sony gets around the issue of the small screen being difficult to read by incorporating a neat zoom mode.


The other device of my dreams was the Samsung SPH-P9200 another micro PC this time with an extendable keyboard that would make blog input much easier. Unfortunately Samsung had a blanket ban on photography at their booth (why this is I have no idea given that its images are freely available to anyone who cares to Google it) so I can’t share any more of my own grainy images :o) but check it out anyway and you’ll see what I mean. Unfortunately the device doesn’t seem to be available in Canada yet so I’ll have to be patient on that one.

Next time I go to CES I’ll be taking one of these sweet tools with me and I will blog from the floor…. I wonder which one it will be?

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