The Trouble With Internet Advertising

As you know, here at Out-Smarts we are champions of Internet advertising: in the main because it is more effective at reaching a highly targeted audience, but from an audience perspective Internet Ads can miss the mark or have a counter effect.

Ads are popping up all over Facebook these days and I’ve been interested in getting people’s view on these. In general most people I’ve talked to don’t mind the ads too much, some don’t even seem to notice they are there. However there has been negative comments: one Facebook user told me that a flashing pink ad on the screen was so abusive that he got a cracking headache and had to go and do something else – not likely to click through on that is he? I myself was offended by a series of ads for weight loss products (just because its the New Year and I am woman does not mean I am obsessed by my weight).


So advertisers beware, when creating ads test and try them and think about who your audience truly is and what will appeal to them rather than offending them with nonsense and rather than spread your net as wide as you can, hone in on those who really consitute your niche that way your campaigns are much more likely to succeed after all, the technology is available to let you do this effectively.

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  1. I’m not stalking – honest! I just wanted to say I’ve ignored most Facebook ads, but have clicked on a few of interest – a Joni Mitchell t-shirt (didn’t buy) but was intrigued (who in this day and age would design such a thing?). I’ve signed up for a half-marathon (fantastic timing and something I wouldn’t have found aboiut until after the event had it not been for the ad), and visited the website of a wedding photo-journalist (research for my sister-in-law) although if I’d been a customer I’d have been disappointed as he was London-based and I would have hoped the ad would have led me to an Edinburgh-based supplier.
    All in all, I’d say Facebook Ads have been a positive experience for me – interestingly they’ve all been text – no flashing pink to give me a headache.

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