Where in the Blog World?

One of the best aspects of blogging is finding out where your audience comes from. Google analytics has a great mapping tool that allows you to view where your traffic is from at a glance (its especially useful if you are considering expansion into new territories) and I do love to check out the diverse locations of our visitors. We’re located in Vancouver BC and off course the bulk of our traffic comes from Canada but this blog attracts visitors from all over the world from Korea to South Africa, from Alaska to Australia.


Hello to you all!!!

There’s one anomaly in our traffic stats and that is the number of visits we get from the UK. You would think, given our proximity to the US that traffic from there would be second only to Canada but thats not the case at all, in fact we consistently get much more traffic from the UK than the US. This is a quandary I’ve been puzzling over for a while now. Could it be the writing style? Or Perhaps its because the content is more applicable to the UK market? Maybe you can tell from these musings that I am indeed a native of that windswept island?

Visitors from Slough, Iver and London – do us a favour and shed some light on this! Cheerio for now.

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