Wired – Blog Post Mapping

The new Wired magazine arrived today and in it (p132) is a great map of “The Secret Life of a Blog Post” – a cartographic view of what happens between hitting publish and your post reaching its audience. Apparently when you post, your musing goes through several scrapes, pings, indexes and crawls automatically before reaching the reader.

Well that might be the case for blogs hosted in a blog service like WordPress but I have found that for corporate branded blogs that are an extension of a companies web site that this is not the case at all: you have to do the legwork yourself if you want your blog to be picked up by all the right creepers.

Here are some tips:

  • Always remember to set up auto pings or manual pings with blog engines like: Technorati so that these servers know your blog is out there and crawl it for updates and new posts.
  • Remember also to submit the blog URL to search engines and set up auto pings with those too.
  • And lastly submit your blog feeds to RSS aggregators or appropriate on-line media mashers.

Once you’ve done that go back to the map, track the process and you should be good.


  1. Uh – how awesome is “Wired”, I ask you?! I eagerly devour each issue when it arrives!

    For those who do not subscribe (Yeah, I don’t get it either, but my tech-savvy boyfriend is still not on Facebook, so I don’t ask those sorts of questions anymore…), their online mag has all the magazine content and the piece you mentioned is at:


    (There is some sort of conspiracy, however: they name a piece somewhat differently online than in the print edition, so the search function is not helpful)

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