10 Reasons To Go To Northern Voice

Seems like 10 is the number of the week here at Out-Smarts. We’re off to Northern Voice today and we’re so excited we’re practically rippling. Here are our ten (tongue in cheek) reasons to attend.

1. For the free lunch – didn’t you see that photo (drool).

2. To snag a T shirt – hopefully with a big Moose on the front. How Canadian eh?

3. We would do anything to get a day out of the office.

4. To get much needed and aforementioned podcasting advice.

5. Its much cheaper than the social media telesummit(although much shorter) that is also taking place this week. Granted that could be the Scottish in me coming out there.

6. To meet some rockstar bloggers. I met the Engadget guy earlier this year. I’m on a roll….

7. To find out if blogging really is dead or if its just that the early adopters have moved on to the next new thang.

8. To check out the beautiful UBC campus. Terror alert or no terror alert, we will be there.

9. To live blog on my XO. It is charging its little green and white battery as I type.

10. To make some new friends to add to my Facebook profile.

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