90/10 Internet Marketing Rule

Yesterday I read an article called the 90/10 marketing rule that talked about how businesses often focus most of their time on creating a product or service but give little time to marketing it effectively. It linked in to an article that pointed out that Internet marketing is no different – how true that is.

We regularly come across businesses that have gone about developing web sites without giving an iota of thought to who they are trying to attract or how they can go about doing so effectively and they come to us wondering why their site doesn’t get much traffic.

Marketing, in case you didn’t know is all about understanding the needs of the customer and developing offerings that meet those.

When considering your website the first thing you need to do is put yourself in the shoes of your customer, think about who they are – get inside their heads as well as their shoes! If that is a challenge then ask existing customers or people you know who fit the bill.

Once you have a feel for who the customer is, its easier to work out what makes them tick – what they like and don’t like, and why. Ask yourself what attributes they have that make your offering compelling to them.

Finally use that information on your site to create a compelling environment that appeals to your niche. It should be clear and simple and obvious what your company does from the moment the page appears.

If you take time to do these simple marketing procedures before hiring that super duper web designer, your site will drive much more business – guaranteed!

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