Building Valuable Business Relationships in the Virtual World – Podcast?

Its a good job Northern Voice is taking place in Vancouver this week. The event, slated as a blogger’s un-conference is a two day whirlwind of blogging and social media information that every company or digerati needs to know, covering everything from wikis to microblogging, widgets to tagging.

Its perfect timing for Out-Smarts. This week we will publish our first podcast. We’re hoping that Northern Voice experts will come to our aid to make this possible for all to enjoy.

The podcast is ready to go (we promised it at the PWN event last week and we’re always good to our word). Using Garageband to create the audio and link to the deck, the creation was relatively painless. Here it is:

Building Valuable Business Relationships in the Virtual World

What was difficult was working out how to publish this so that people like you, and you, and you could easily download and listen. Let us know if/how it works (apologies in advance if it craps out). We’re still playing around with iTunes and hope to publish it in the iTunes store soon: probably sometime after we’ve schmoozed the appropriate people at Northern Voice this week.

Watch this space for developments….

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