Effective E-mail Campaigns – 11 Commandments

In a world of never ending SPAM it’s a real challenge to create successful e-mail campaigns but its not impossible. Here are some pointers to bear in mind:

RWD Ten Commandments

  1. Avoid the hard sell – people get so much spam these days that if you try to sell to strangers via e, you’ll hit the junk file faster than you can say spam;
  2. Better to use email to keep in touch with clients than to try to sell – newsletters are better than sales letters;
  3. Use a call to action title – one that is brief, catchy, intelligent that will entice people to open the mail;
  4. By adding an unsubscribe button, your mail is perceived as more professional – just remember to delete those who request it from your mailing lists – always;
  5. Drive them back to your website by including a link – you can then easily track click throughs to make follow up calls more targeted;
  6. Make it simple stupid – the old adage applies here too – don’t add too many fancy images or graphics – it will just clog people’s mail boxes;
  7. The body of the text should include some incentive to act but don’t overdo it or you will raise reader suspicion;
  8. War and Peace just isn’t appropriate in an e-mail. Keep it short and to the point if you want people to read;
  9. Think outside the box- content and topic should unique and should tell them something they don’t know about your product service or offering – something that makes a difference to them;
  10. Build your email list by encouraging visitors to subscribe online, and telling people about your newsletters in the real world;
  11. Don’t SPAM ever, ever. Always use valid e-mails from people you have actually met or who have given you business cards at events and shows. If you don’t its the fastest way to get an unsubscribe.

One Comment

  1. I learned something new about spam last night. There was a documentary on the knowledge network which I thoroughly enjoyed. SPAM is capital letters is different from spam. SPAM refers to the meat (or whatever is in there) while spam is the stuff that tries to increase the size of your unit. So… eat as much SPAM as you want, but don’t spam, ever!

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