Live Blogging Northern Voice – Live Blogging 101

Presentation by Jeffrey Keefer and Robin Yap.

Why blog – to express yourself – put your voice out there for people to read. Why live blog – you don’t over analyse – its raw and more real.


1. In the moment.

2. To share with those not there.

3. Gets it done.

4.Captures the emotion – you don’t lose it or edit it out.

5. Gives you smoething to do when your bored.

Tools to use when wifi access isn’t possible:

  • microsoft live writer
  • scribefire
  • cover it live
  • ecto
  • Twitter – microblogging

These tools are starting to work together. Live Writer links to Twitter links to Facebook and reaches more people.

Concerns with live blogging include you could misquote, get something out of context and if you are live blogging a conference why should people who don’t pay to go get all the content.

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