Liveblogging Northern Voice – Wiki 101

Here goes with the live blogging. Gulp..

Stewart Mader, wiki guru on wikis – what they are and how they can be used.

A wiki is a website that people can access and make changes to. There are many types like pwiki, wikispaces (you create an account online and access your wiki there). Others are software you put on your server. Check out wikimatrix for comparisons.

Stewart’s tips for company wikis:

1. Run a pilot – start small as its easier to manage and knowledge spreads better.

2. Get the users together and get them using it together at the start. Gets collaborative input from all and wiki adoption is more likely to succeed. Set actions at that session for follow ups and people will keep using the wiki.

3. Create a scaffold – an outline for people to contribute. As a result they are more likely to do so they see an example of what should be there.

4. No empty pages – visitors assume nothing is going on.

5. Wikignome – the person in the org who champions and maintains it. You need this person.

6. Encourage sharing – once people get started they quickly get hooked.

7. Use wikis effectively to make better use of other tools.

Stewart is running some short videos to answer wiki questions.

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  1. Mhairi,
    Thanks for this post! It’s an excellent summary of my talk, and I’m glad you liveblogged it.

    BTW, the link to my blog in the first sentence looks like it’s broken.


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