Love Your Landing Page: Tips to Increase Ecommerce Conversion

I remember trying to sell an e-commerce platform to Cotton Ginny back in 1995. At that time the main issue we had to convince them of was that people would actually be willing to buy on-line despite the perceived “security” risks. Thankfully, ecommerce has come a long way since then. I am always fascinated to hear news from this sector and am a regular attendee at Elasticpath’s webinars. I was excited when I was invited to live blog today’s webinar – Love Your Landing Page: Tips to Increase Ecommerce Conversion featuring Ayat Shukairt, Managing Partner, INVESP Consulting. In listening to the discussion, its apparent that many of the factors I preach to clients when considering their web presence are also very valid for retailers using online stores such and that some issues haven’t changed in the last decade or so. When creating your retail landing page be aware of the following points highlighted during the webinar:

  • understand your audience very well and their personnas and hone in on them (cater for emotional buyers as well as logical);
  • keep it visually simple with impact (by making good use of white space);
  • as soon as someone comes to the page it should be obvious to them what you are selling so use that top left section of the page for impact;
  • make it easy for prospects to navigate the store;
  • create urgency – use incentives to encourage your audience to act and buy (percentage incentives often work better than dollar amounts);
  • product images should be clear and impressive – showcase the product well;
  • focus on what the product is going to do for the prospective buyer and not just on its features;
  • test, test, test – don’t be afraid to start small (say 500 products and see what works and what doesn’t);
  • deal with anticipated concerns – yes security is still an issue. Counter their doubts and make prospects feel secure by using messages regarding the security you have in place or anti hacking guarantees;

I see that 13 years on Cotton Ginny still doesn’t have an on-line retail store which is a pity but no surprise. I find Canadian retail organisations woefully behind both the US and the UK in their ecommerce adoption. This was mirrored in today’s presentation as most if not all of the examples provided were US based organisations. At Christmas I had to resort to shopping at LL Bean for North American purchases and Mark and Spencer’s for UK gifts because I couldn’t find any Canadian retailers offering a suitable service. Sad but true.So come on Canada! – check out Elasticpath or similar ecommerce offerings and start taking advantage of the vast opportunity that on-line sales brings and save me some money in customs fees when you’re at it!


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